{February 22, 2011}   Running For A Purpose

Today was such a gorgeous day!  I let the dog out this morning, glanced up at the cloudless sky, inhaled the slight breeze, and my inner run-ometer read “IDEAL running weather.”  I dashed in and changed immediately, knowing time was ticking away from the current 60 degrees and toward the 80 degree high on the forecast.  I absolutely LOVE this brief stretch between, too-cold-for-my-thin-blood and so-hot-and-humid-even-3am-running-risks-heat-exhaustion.  I wish it lasted longer!

Currently, my thoughts have turned to the upcoming epic-ness of the Rock’N’Roll Savannah Marathon  in November.  I’m still building my foundation and its still just a tad early to start actual training, but whats on my mind lately would make this milestone even more memorable, and that is to train and run it to raise funds for a good cause.  In one way, it would benefit me with added accountability- I always do much better if someone is relying on me.  But more importantly, I want to make a difference.

There are SO MANY worthy causes out there, but instantly my heart turns to human trafficking.  The absolute outrage that such a tragic autrocity exists makes me seriously see red, especially when it largely targets children!  Add to that the way our country seems wildly unaware and ignorant of just how much of this is going on, even right here in our own country, and I just want to create awareness!!  I want people to realize this, get MAD and stand together to fight it!  I truly feel like this is one of those things where knowledge and awareness alone would make a huge, massive impact!

So, the next question is: where do I start? Do I link up with an existing organization?  Do I just try and raise funds and then donate it? I hesitate to just choose any old charity, because I always wonder where the money is actually going.  I, of course, want to maximize the impact.  But how do you figure that out? 

Food for thought 🙂

On a side note, right now as I’m typing, I’m watching A&E’s “Heavy” – It’s a lot like “The Biggest Loser” but slightly less drama, and currently they are set from Savannah’s neighbor to the north, Hilton Head, SC!  I LOVE hearing about local resources for people to get fit and healthy the right way!! 🙂

Happy Running!


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