{February 17, 2011}   Pretty Toes!

Running is mostly mental.  Story of my life.

Thus far, this year has been a major bonk.  But I will persevere! Building my base up, but its so hard to take a day off!  I don’t mean this how you might think.  What I mean is that when I take a day off…. it usually turns into several days.  I cannot justify this.  It makes zero sense.  But when a Runner Girl hits a slump like this, she does what any Runner Girl would do…. perhaps what any Girl, period, would do in a slump…. she buys a new pair of SHOES!


They make my heart smile 🙂

These Bikila Vibram Fivefingers came into my life last Saturday, when I ventured down to Half Moon Outfitters, the only shop in town that sells them, and made myself at home on the benches in front of the shoe display.  I’ve been following the chronicles of my good friend Dan’s VFF’s on Twitter, as he post pics throughout our beloved city, turning them into a sort of Tour Guide of Savannah.  Truly, Dan, if you are reading, they should have their own Twitter account, haha, I would follow!  Tumblr, perhaps??

Anyways, I had done research prior to deciding that these would be my next run shoe purchase, and what really encouraged me was the bit I found that suggested these might really help my awkwardly shaped feet.  I have a wide toe box with a narrow heel and my big toes lean in to the rest of my feet at a dramatic angle.  Dramatic only to me, but it makes buying any pair of shoes a challenge.  My toes get smoooooshed together.   The research I did suggested the way VFF’s separate the toes could relieve some pressure and so I WAS SOLD!

Then, of course, the appeal behind minimalist running.  I figure these baby blues will either turn out to be a BIG win, or the polar opposite.  Its too early to tell, though, we’re still in the puppy love phase 🙂 

At the shop I thought the most difficult obstacle would be choosing a color.  Blue, green, hot pink…. love ’em all!  However, the most time consuming and exhaustive process was trying to get them on for the first time!  After 29 years of toes being smoooooshed together, they were a tad hesitant toward their newfound independence.  Because the VFF’s are so tight, fitting much like a foot-glove, it took a lot of twisting and tugging before each piggie found their own way home!  The saleslady promised it would get easier!

She also recommended, and others concur, not to dash home, slip them on, and head out for a LSD run.  Take a week or two and wear them throughout the day to keep from shocking your feet and something about messing with my ankle.  All I heard was “Foot injury if not eased into!”  That’s all I needed to hear. 

So, me & Bikis have become fast friends over the past few days, running around town together (not literally) doing errands and housework and church stuff.  My feet feel fine, and I’ve cut down my getting-them-on time dramatically!  I’m still running in my uber supportive Mizuno Wave Alchemy’s and I’m curious how it will be switching between the two.  The reactions have also been interesting.  Best of which was my 8 year old, yesterday, as we walked from the car to the salon, she twists her face and says, “I CAN’T believe you are going to wear those to the hairdresser’s!”  This from the girl who wants me to put her hair into 5 ponytails for school!?! 😛

….. In other news….

ITS GORGEOUS OUT!!! Seriously! Not too shabby for mid-Feb! Already back to running in shorts again!

My easy little run today was tough though.  Its such a bummer when the weather is finally ideal, the distance is a drop in the bucket, done it a hundred times before, you’re psyched and ready to go, the world unfolds before you like a red carpet beckoning you to strut your running self down it, and you wind up with a crummy run, fighting every part of the way.  Oh welllll…. one cute thing I saw as I was running around my neighborhood that made me smile: sidewalk chalk at the end of a driveway, and in a young child’s handwriting was written “mommy’s spot” and “daddy’s spot” – cute!

Happy Running!


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