{December 30, 2010}   me vs. ‘lazy j’

its a lifelong battle.

an inner war of the wills.

the will to run vs. the will to do….. anything else.

don’t be mistaken, i am a runner through and through.  an indurance runner.  this has been a huge part of my identity for several years now.  i got the gear, the blisters, and the bibs to prove it.  i know the lingo, i subscribe to the magazines, and i’m no stranger to the starting line.  i love to talk about running, my friends know me as ‘the runner,’ and heck, i have a blog dedicated to my experience with the sport.

given all of that, surely it would take no convincing to get me to lace up my sneaks and knock out a few miles at a solid pace……….. right? wrong-o.  mucho wrong-o.  i imagine there are many hardcore athletes who bounce out of bed everyday and can’t get out of the door fast enough, but sadly, that is not me. 

i love running, but no matter how many miles i log or PR’s i make, it still is a mental tug-of-war to get me going-everytime.  somedays i win, sometimes my procrastinating alter ego ‘lazy j’ wins.  regardless of knowing that no matter what excuses ‘lazy j’ throws at me to tempt me to stay indoors, i will never regret sucking it up and hitting the pavement. never.  but forego the scheduled run, for whatever lame reason i cling to, and I regret it every time.

excuses are just lies disguised as reasons. word.

learning to stifle the tempting voice of the evil ‘lazy j’ has been a long hard battle, one i have yet to fully overcome, but the one characteristic that she uses to her advantage, has also been used against her…. my stubborness.  see, i refuse to ever just accept my laxidaisy tendencies, chalking it up to a ‘tybe b’ personality. 

i’m an ENDURANCE athlete.  ‘lazy j’ might win in a 200 meter dash, but life isn’t a sprint, its a marathon…. which is my forte.  and everytime i suck it up and do my thing, her voice gets a tiny bit quieter.

and since ‘lazy j’ and i are two parts of the same person, i just have to look at myself and say: shut up and run, jes. 😛


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