{December 30, 2010}   me vs. ‘lazy j’

its a lifelong battle.

an inner war of the wills.

the will to run vs. the will to do….. anything else.

don’t be mistaken, i am a runner through and through.  an indurance runner.  this has been a huge part of my identity for several years now.  i got the gear, the blisters, and the bibs to prove it.  i know the lingo, i subscribe to the magazines, and i’m no stranger to the starting line.  i love to talk about running, my friends know me as ‘the runner,’ and heck, i have a blog dedicated to my experience with the sport.

given all of that, surely it would take no convincing to get me to lace up my sneaks and knock out a few miles at a solid pace……….. right? wrong-o.  mucho wrong-o.  i imagine there are many hardcore athletes who bounce out of bed everyday and can’t get out of the door fast enough, but sadly, that is not me. 

i love running, but no matter how many miles i log or PR’s i make, it still is a mental tug-of-war to get me going-everytime.  somedays i win, sometimes my procrastinating alter ego ‘lazy j’ wins.  regardless of knowing that no matter what excuses ‘lazy j’ throws at me to tempt me to stay indoors, i will never regret sucking it up and hitting the pavement. never.  but forego the scheduled run, for whatever lame reason i cling to, and I regret it every time.

excuses are just lies disguised as reasons. word.

learning to stifle the tempting voice of the evil ‘lazy j’ has been a long hard battle, one i have yet to fully overcome, but the one characteristic that she uses to her advantage, has also been used against her…. my stubborness.  see, i refuse to ever just accept my laxidaisy tendencies, chalking it up to a ‘tybe b’ personality. 

i’m an ENDURANCE athlete.  ‘lazy j’ might win in a 200 meter dash, but life isn’t a sprint, its a marathon…. which is my forte.  and everytime i suck it up and do my thing, her voice gets a tiny bit quieter.

and since ‘lazy j’ and i are two parts of the same person, i just have to look at myself and say: shut up and run, jes. 😛


{December 26, 2010}   Looking Forward!

I’m anxiously anticipating the coming year and all it has to offer!  My instincts tell me 2011 is going to be a great year for me, running-wise.  Perhaps that’s because I started 2010 nursing a sprained ankle.  Perhaps because I am finishing the year with only half the mileage that I had in 2009 so I figure I’m due to get my act together.  Regardless, I’m taking the gut feeling and running with it- pun intended! 🙂

Here’s a snapshot of my race plans for 2011!  Some first time runs (So stoked for my 1st full which will be the inaugural run in my hometown!), some are traditions!

1.  Critz Tybee Half Marathon – 2/5/11

2.  March of Dimes Shamrock Run 5k – March ’11

3.  Publix Georgia Half Marathon – 3/20/11

4.  Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Run 5k – April ’11

5.  Palmetto Half Marathon  – 4/15/11

6.  Crimestoppers Azalea 10k – 5/7/11

7.  YMCA Heart of Savannah 5k – September ’11

8.  Rock ‘n’ Roll of Savannah Inaugural Marathon (my first full!!!!) – 11/5/11

9.  FCA-Endurance/Savannah Christian Church Ten Can Run 10k – 11/24/11

10.  Enmark Savannah River Bridge Run 10k (possibly the double pump) – 12/3/11

As much as I love racing, I’m most looking forward to making more of a routine from my sporatic runs.  They are so therapeutic for me and when I’m running consistently every other area of my life benefits from it.  I’m also hoping to make a habit of blogging more too! 🙂

Happy Running! 🙂

  Sunday. 12.19.10

  Up at 4:30 am.  Actually, I woke up each hour that night in anticipation.  Still, by 4:30 I was ready to start moving.  Left the hotel about 5:40, got to race about 6am.  Right now I’d like to mention that it was INSANELY COLD.  And by that I mean 40 degrees which is mild for many, not for my thin blood.  And this is Florida, after all, so I feel jipped on that front.

  The race start and finish was at a local high school.  Seeking refuge from the chill, I followed the crowd into a small gym.  And smiled.  Runners congregated, stretching, chatting, laughing.  I love runners.  Maybe I’m biased but aside from the occassional premadonna, runners are the happiest, most cheerful and good-natured group of people out there.  Ok, so I am biased.  Still, I enjoy being among this mass.  It occurred to me then that I have never, until now, been to a race that included a full marathon on the event list.  This brought out a slightly different breed of runners than I was used to.  Sure, I know marathoners, but all bunched up under one roof?  The land of zero body fat.  Lean, serious endurance athletes.  It seemed the seasoned 26.2 racers outnumbered the rookies.  And me being just a 1/2 mary contender, and a casual runner at that, you might think I felt out of place, but I didn’t.  We might not be equally talented, but we are like-minded.

6:45am.  15 minutes till start.  Everyone filed out of the gym toward the start.  Passed the endless row of portapotties I was surprised by the long lines.  Did they not hear the time? Good luck with that.  I quickly tried to discern where my expected pace would fit in with the line-up and picked a spot between the 4:15 and 4:30.  The guy on the other end of the bull horn seemed stressed, as he bellowed to one lady “get that stroller to the back!”  This woman, who I chatted with after the race, was pushing her five year old daughter in sed stroller.  She was sent to the back of the pack, but still passed me early on.  Clearly this was not one of those women that toe the line and then walk the whole distance.

7:00am.  Its a small race, but still took a few minutes to cross the line when the canon shot.  I smiled.  Love the energy, and the single movement of thousands of feet propelling in one direction.  Heads bobbing, hearts pounding, Garmin’s beeping.  The first three miles were a loop back to and through the start.  The whole race was residential.   Those first 30 minutes my mind and body protested, “Um, Jes, I don’t think we’re really up for this.  Its an awful long ways and we’re tired and cold.  Not sure you thought this through.”  That passed and I kept on.  Or, rather, I kept on, and then it passed.  I had no goals going into this because of my lack of training.  I hadn’t had a run longer than 8 miles since my last half in March.  Running in general, I only have half the mileage this year that I had in 2009.  So I just wanted to finish without injury. 

It was about mile 6 or 7 when it clicked that my pace was just under 10 min/mile.  And it occurred to me that my best time was 2:11:something.  It might seem odd that I had to think about what my best time was.  Shouldn’t that be at the forefront of a runner’s memory at all times?  Have you figured out yet that I’m not that competitive and perhaps a little bit blonder than I pay to be?  Anyways, it then it occurred to me that if I kept this pace I could actually PR.  And then I talked myself out of it.  Too ambitious a goal for someone who hadn’t even been training.  So I compromised and told myself to run as strong as possible now, and see how far I get. 

Mile 8: normally my “wall.”  Whether running 8 miles or 18, this is always my toughest stretch.  Didn’t hit the wall this time.  The wall was nowhere to be found.

Mile 10.  Warm-up finished.  5k to go.  Saw my family which gave me an added boost. 

Mile 13.  Turned into the school.  Last tenth was on a track around the football field.  I love tracks.  I love football fields.  I love races and hearing my name and hometown announced and knowing I’m 200 yards from the finish line.  Euphoric.  Smiled up at the camera at the very last second.  There was chili, and smoothies, and bagels, and oranges, and warm water.  All I wanted was a banana and to stretch.

The rundown.

Time: 2’07’43 PR!!!!

Pace: 9’46” (better pace than the 10k I did a few weeks ago!)

Temp: It was around 45 degrees at the start, and colder at the finish!  Weather was gray and misty.

Race itself: Simple. No flashyness.  No pomp and circumstance.  There weren’t even very many people in costumes which surprised me a week from Christmas.  It was a low key race, easy to get lost in thought and just run.  Much different than the Disney Princess 1/2 and Rock’N’Roll Virginia Beach!  My kids have gotten nicer medals doing kiddie runs.  The shirt-ugh! Horrible.  I have yet to get a tech tee that fits right. I’d take a cheap cotton t-shirt over these any day.   The volunteers- not the southern charm I’m used to.  I know it sounds negative but I did enjoy the race, and considering the entry fee was $35, I don’t mind the lack of flare at all.  Not many spectators, but thats a given, since it was a smaller race.  Ideal for qualifying for Boston.  And it was close to home for me, so I would consider doing it again.

Will edit soon with pics. 🙂

{December 21, 2010}   Run Happy.

 Running makes me happy.  Therefore I run.

When I’m not happy, I run.  Then I am happier.

When I am happy, I run because I am happy.

Endorphin junkie, maybe.

Do I always want to run? Heck no.

In my experience, what percentage of my runs have left me feeling better than I was before I ran? 100%.


So there it is.

There are tons of reasons I can give on why I love to run.

There are tons of excuses I have given myself in argument to running.

The simple truth boils down to running makes me happy.

And who doesn’t want to be happy?

et cetera